Reality Redefined

Experience inspired by Metaverse

Elegant Abstract Background

We think Metaverse is...

Not just about games or one single application.

Metaverse is defined by having the connectivity to connect every aspects of life and eventually everyone.

Our offering


Our capabilities revolve around

immersive tech and 3D tech.


An immersive showroom in 3D for brand products or NFTs.

Hologram Display

The perfect medium for showcasing 3D NFTs, and also "holoportation".

1:1 Human Ratio
Naked-eye 3D Hologram

We also provide value-adding services related to Metaverse.

3D Item Scanning

For turning your items in real life to 3D asset in the Metaverse!

The 1st GBA 5G

Application and Innovation Challenge

The Hallmark Award

SME Excellence Silver Award

for us?

Hong Kong

Level 6, Core C, Cyberport 3, 100 Cyberport Road


3/F, CUHK-SZRI, No.10 2nd Yuexing Road, Nanshan


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