Reality Redefined

Constructing the 3D spatial Metaverse

Elegant Abstract Background

3D is the keyword...

We believe Metaverse should be a spatial virtual realm that we can have some great fun in!

And our mission is to make such experiencing come true!

Our offering


Our offering

Hologram Display

The perfect medium for showcasing 3D NFTs, and also "holoportation".

AR Experience

AR, but more interactive and fun!

Extra suitable for Digital Art Fair.

VR Experience

Experiencing VR simulation...

Extra suitable for events.

3D Immersive Showroom

Time for your brands to have a dedicated 3D space in Metaverse!

3D Item Scanning

For turning your items in real life to 3D asset in the Metaverse!

Naked-eye 3D
Hologram Technology

Seamless Connection

1:1 Human Ratio


Hologram Display

The future of 3D NFT Gallery


The communication tool

for the New Normal

3D Item Scanning

Digitalize your keepsake and preserve them forever!

Want to keep a digital copy of your treasures or even mint an #IRL (in real life) NFT out of it? Come to us today for an one-stop service!

The 1st GBA 5G

Application and Innovation Challenge

The Hallmark Award

SME Excellence Silver Award

for us?

Hong Kong

Level 6, Core C, Cyberport 3, 100 Cyberport Road


3/F, CUHK-SZRI, No.10 2nd Yuexing Road, Nanshan


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