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Our passion is to innovate on
experiential Art Tech solution 


Our Story
from Art Tech to Metaverse

The pandemic has forced SyZyGy experimenting on a variety of things in the creative tech field, just to realize the true place we belong to :-)

Starting from 2021, with Hong Kong seeing "Art Tech" as one of the future pillar industries, SyZyGy has clearly selected two technological focus, namely hologram and extended reality (XR) - including VR/AR/MR. The mission is to develop new capabilities on providing state-of-the-end experiential solutions.

While building these experiences for users, the team becomes more specialized in 3D offerings, as well as developing keen interest in defining what exactly is Metaverse.

So, the thinking is why not devote ourselves to building the 3D spatial Metaverse? That's why starting in 2022, SyZyGy has decided to repurpose the platform solution to a NFT business, but also in 3D. 

Wondering what exactly we are working on lately? Please stay tuned.


SyZyGy is a Greater Bay Area tech startup incubated by Hong Kong Cyberport and CUHK-SZRI InnoHub. The team has presence in Hong Kong, 

Delivering Package

We are an internationalized team
with cross border operational capability

Cyberport | Hong Kong

CUHK-SZRI | Shenzhen

Caring about innovation and social impact equally

We actively apply ESG to our management since we would like to be a socially responsible tech startup.


Everything we do it about digitalization of digital transformation.

Our digital platform for the event industry can allows events go paperless by allowing digital copies to be downloaded instantly using the software. By introducing digital agenda, organizers can also distribute much fewer official promotional materials. Our goal is to reduce the printing materials required by in-person events and eventually alleviate the paper pollution and deforestation issues.


Internally, we promote diversity in the workforce by hiring talents from a range of different languages and ethnicities. Measures that can ensure the health and safety of employees during COVID-19 are also taken into account by including periodic work-from-home arrangements. Externally, we focus on providing tech solutions that can support remote interaction. This allows people to connect globally and continue with their business operations during this unprecedented time. Specifically for the elderly care industry, our "holoportation" device can allow virtual site visiting of elderly staying at institutional care centres happens. This is for targeting the elderly's mental health issue triggered by social isolation during the pandemic.


As a cross-border tech startup in the Greater Bay Area, we always act in accordance with the local laws and regulations that can be applied to our legal entities. Our principle is always upholding long-term interest towards the company. We always place great emphasis on the development and maintenance of an ethical branding respected by the communities.

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