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Our Values
These core values shape who we are as a team and impact our business strategy.


Cross-border collaboration is our day-to-day life and hence it is highly important to embrace the differences of every teammates. Respect is the cornerstone of effective communication within the team.


As an early stage startup, every talent is tasked with early responsibilities and there is no micromanagement. Everyone should be outcome-driven to unlock their greatest potential and contribute fully to the team.


Morality always comes before capability here and it is the foundation of personal growth. Every teammate should look up to each other in a trustful work environment and achieve business success together.


No one is perfect at the very beginning, but it is important to catch up with the rapid growth speed of early stage startup. Only with continuous self-improvement, there is truly a steep learning curve.


It is exciting to see talents exceeding our expectation and over-deliver. We welcome new ideas coming from the team that can improve our business. Intrapreneurship is well supported here.

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Open Positions

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Marketing & PR

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